Asphalt is extremely easy to repair or maintain (yet few do it right); if it’s broken; rip it out, firm up the soil, put in some crushed rock, asphalt, compact it, tar the edges and, voila!  Problem solved.

Well….ahem….not so fast Bub.

Every property has unique soils (clay/sand/hard pan), different uses/demands for each location (apartments/retail/industrial), some were engineered properly when originally built, others…poorly (at best).

Everything matters when determining a proper asphalt repair, as does who you hire. That’s why you hire a professional; TILCO Vanguard.

Here’s what’s going to happen when you call TILCO Vanguard;

A Sales Technician from TILCO Vanguard will come out to your site to review and propose the repairs.  When you approve the estimate, we’ll return to the site and permanently mark out all areas to be repaired and then call for all proper utility and other underground locates.  Whether it’s a simple overlay (no removal) or a remove and replace (just what it sounds like), those marks are only the starting point…they’re the minimum we’ll be repairing.

The Sales Tech knows what it costs to do the job.  They know what they’re talking about and, they know what to anticipate but, without x-ray vision, they have no idea what’s underneath that broken asphalt, with any surety, until the experts arrive.  The real experts of course, are the ones that show up next with all the dump trucks, jackhammers, sawcutters and asphalt rollers.  When they open up the damaged surface, they’re going to find any number of things inside that may tell them a completely different story (broken pipes, rotted stumps, etc.).  They’re going to make decisions at that time that will affect the final repair, which may differ markedly from the salespersons original interpretation.

Never fear, the least we’ll ever do in a repair is what we’ve marked out and contracted for.  That’s not, however, all we’ll do. Unless we have a disclaimer in our proposal such as “unless we find….” or “based on what we can deduce on the surface, there appears to be a….and if so…”, or, if you add additional items to the project, we’re going to do what’s needed to repair the damage properly and you’ll pay only what we proposed, nothing more, even if we do twice as much as we proposed.

There’s only one way to do an asphalt repair:  Properly.  

You’re not an asphalt expert.  You shouldn’t have to be.  That’s why you called us.  You have every reason to expect any proposal we offer to be a rock solid proposal…no surprises!  If we missed something, that’s our problem.

We won’t walk away until the actual job required of us…..what is needed…..not just what we proposed…is complete.