Striping and related high traffic markings

First things first; all traffic paint is not equal.  There are two kinds of traffic paint (both look the same when applied, both dry in about 6 – 7 minutes):  One costs about 30% more than the other, but lasts twice as long.

Only one is formulated for freeways (DOT), the other is designed for parking lots.

TILCO Vanguard uses only DOT, State approved freeway marking paint.

We discovered years ago that it actually costs less to use the good stuff.

We work hard to ensure that we choose the right material for your job, as well as the specific needs of the site, but what about those high traffic areas, where paint just won’t hold up to your high volume needs?

High traffic areas need stronger materials than even freeway marking paints, and that’s where our team has gotten very involved in the process.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could put arrows, accessible stall markings, or even Drive Thru stencils on your high traffic areas and have them all last years instead of months?

Well, now, with DuraLink (invented here) you can!

TILCO Vanguard has a variety of great, long lasting (5+ times more durable than traffic paint) innovative products such as DuraLink, the only, cross linked, catalyzed liquid plastic non skid, light reflective, roadway marking material that provides both, a mechanical as well as a chemical bond to the applied surface, ensuring years and years (and years!) of long lasting value!

Perfect for stop bars, arrows, and ALL high traffic markings.  For nearly 40 years, we’ve seen every conceivable variation on a theme and we will always help you come up with the products best suited for your needs in every case.

Give us a call.

We’ll make it happen!