What makes VANGUARD EcoPath Coatings the better choice?

  • Actually Non Skid (not just “slip resistant“).
  • Lasts 9 times longer than paint
  • 9 fewer trips (fewer carbon emissions/labor spent/product placed/locations disrupted/traffic stalled/streets closed)
  • High visibility
  • Retroreflective
  • Pre-mixed…no more “too much of anything“, perfect consistency every time, ready to go right out of the container!
  • Easy to apply (if you can paint with a roller…you can apply EcoPath products!)
  • Add catalyst/mix for 2 minutes/apply/spread glass beads and non skid aggregate over the top…done!colors-available
  • Multiple colors available.
  • Open to traffic in 90 – 120 minutes!
  • 50-100 sf per minute application rates!
  • Seamless – no water penetration possible.  One continuous installation.
  • Zero Clearance”, never a trip hazard! No thickened edges!
  • Adheres to every micron of the surface applied to!
  • Requirements for installation: Clean and dry.
  • Installs on concrete, asphalt, steel, wood…exactly the same way!
  • Coverage per gallon: 30-40 sf per gallon
  • Material costs: $3.00 – $4.00 per sf! (Compare to others at $9.00 – $15.00 sf)



Vanguard EcoPath coatings are the first true Non Skid Bike Lane/Bus Lane/Ped Path products that you can actually (easily!) install yourself!

EcoPath is installed at 20 – 35 mils thick.  It’s what we call a “Zero Clearance” surface installation. No tall rough edges or trip hazards.  All Vanguard products install this way.  No other does….on Earth.  And with all Vanguard products, being liquid applied, they follow every nuance of the applied surface.

All EcoPath products penetrate the substrate and literallybecome one with the surface, mimicking and retaining all existing non-skid characteristics of the surface applied to, all while adding to same.

And, instead of buying “proprietary aggregate” (read: expensive) to mix in to the product, YOU buy your own local sand (from your local hardware supplier) and add additional aggregate and glass beads as desired (for night time reflectivity) while the material is still in its viscous stage.

EcoPath products already have a nominal amount of aggregate and glass beads in the mixture, giving the finished product a slight improvement in non skid characteristics over the existing surface applied to. If you need more, YOU determine the amount of (additional) non skid desired, without creating something so rocky, abrasive and angular, that falling off your bike at 20 mph is the equivalent of sliding on crushed rock!

Once properly applied, Eco Path is already as, or more, non skid as the surface you apply it to, but with additional surface applied aggregate onsite, it becomes even more so depending on how much (local/less expensive) sand you apply to the surface!

While other products (via epoxies or bolts) barely attach to the upper surface, liquid applied EcoPath literally becomes part of, and in fact, “one with” the surface, so much so that it actually adds structural integrity, keeping your asphalt from raveling, or your concrete from spalling, fully protected from road salts, oils, solvents and other roadway chemicals.

The surfaces around EcoPath may fail due to these road chemicals, but the surface applied will not.

In short, EcoPath not only lasts longer, it will actually make your substrate last longer as well.  In fact, every place you apply EcoPath will last longer, needing fewer repairs than any of the surrounding non treated areas.

At 30 – 40 square feet per gallon applied, EcoPath is not only the least expensive, longest lasting non skid surface coating available (by about 2/3rds) but, because it goes on at “Zero Clearance”, there’s nothing to ever chip, tear, peel, flake off or grab hold of!

You simply can’t grab the edge of EcoPath with studs, chains….even snow plows or other outside devices because….well…uhhhmmm…..there isn’t one!

And, if you do have mild scarring from studded tires and the like, EcoPath products are the easiest and least expensive to maintain;  simply re-coat the affected areas and 90 minutes later it’s ready for whatever traffic you have in store!

You don’t need a trained expert (or even training) to install EcoPath products. If you can paint with a roller, you can install EcoPath.

Each container comes with an attached printout showing exactly how to install it. If that’s not enough, a short video at EcoPath video will teach anyone how to be an expert in one minute!

Anyone on your staff can become an expert, any vendor can become an expert…and…unlike all the others, it’s ready for traffic 90 minutes after you finish the installation!

Two years in development, our first goal with EcoPath products, was to develop a product that would cost effectively produce a superior non skid Bike Lane / Bus Lane, pedestrian pathway and vehicular surface coating, all while providing the longest lasting value in any pathway/lane coating available.

Easy / Fast / Done.

Our second biggest goal was to remove the complexity mandated by every other single pathway coating out there.  All the others required flame throwers, epoxies, bolts or screws and, on top of that, 10 – 15 different steps.  It just wasn’t necessary to make things that difficult…and we knew it.  (So do you).

So, we developed one that took 5 steps;  Mask, mix, pour, apply….open to traffic!


It’s nearly impossible to install EcoPath incorrectly.

EcoPath products simply:

  • Are less expensive
  • Are easier to install
  • Go farther per gallon than any other product
  • Non Skid (not “slip resistant“)
  • Won’t chip, peel or come loose when applied correctly
  • Last longer than others
  • Never have any rough tall edges/Trip hazards
  • Never have any bolts or screws
  • Never require any Caulking (Or Seams!)
  • Are ready for use in 90 minutes!

What are you waiting for?

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